Here’s a track that is getting some attention lately. Epic Music World II uploaded this track to their YouTube channel with some great artwork to go with.

I did this track in summer 2013 as a demo for the  Zebra Continuum sound-set by “The Unfinished”. As I was writing and producing it, when my wife came in the studio and had a listen. She said she’d love to do some vocal improvisations for that. So we tried it out and … liked the result a lot (I personally LOVED it). I ended up removing some of the instrument lines in order to leave more room for the vocals. Have a listen here:


Image by slyvanie:


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Panos Kolias is a film, tv and concert music composer and musician.
He regularly produces cues and other commercial music for major television programs like CBS, ABC and others.
He's a part of the electronic duo DubLion Project and works also as a musician, educator, orchestrator, and technical consultant.
Besides composing for TV and film and composing concert music, he holds a lecturer position at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg, teaching Music Technology and Film scoring courses.

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