Recently I had the pleasure to review a product from my favourite “Virtual Guitar” plug in developer: Musiclab.

I really like the Musiclab Plug Ins and I do use them a lot especially when traveling where I have not time or the possibilities to record real guitars.

The full review is posted at the “film and games composers website” which in itself is a great resource for composers.

Music Software Review: RealRick by MusicLab


About the author

Panos Kolias is a film, tv and concert music composer and musician.
He regularly produces cues and other commercial music for major television programs like CBS, ABC and others.
He's a part of the electronic duo DubLion Project and works also as a musician, educator, orchestrator, and technical consultant.
Besides composing for TV and film and composing concert music, he holds a lecturer position at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg, teaching Music Technology and Film scoring courses.

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