A new album which I co-wrote and produced with Juliet Lyons is released by SubPub music. We created 10 songs about those beautiful light moments in our life, where everything feels good and easy. Light Up My Heart is a warm, cheerful and lighthearted album with fun, quirky and optimistic lyrics. Joyful and cheeky themes and bouncy catchy melodies with smooth vocals and charming harmonies.

Listen to the preview here:

Full album:


About the author

Panos Kolias is a film, tv and concert music composer and musician.
He regularly produces cues and other commercial music for major television programs like CBS, ABC and others.
He's a part of the electronic duo DubLion Project and works also as a musician, educator, orchestrator, and technical consultant.
Besides composing for TV and film and composing concert music, he holds a lecturer position at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg, teaching Music Technology and Film scoring courses.

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