The sound programmer, sound designer and composer Matt Bowdler a.k.a. The Unfinished has once again released several soundsets to support Oxfam

This is the second release of this kind, first one was in December 2013, where he launched a little project called Humankind. Humankind was a collection of four limited edition synth soundsets (for Absynth, Massive, Omnisphere and Trilian) that raised money for Oxfam.

At least 50% of all the proceeds from the sales of Humankind went directly to this amazing charity and over £3,000 was raised – which was a fantastic result.

After several requests he decided tore-release the original four Humankind soundsets, as also four new Humankind patches for Bazille, Diva, Zebra and Zebra HZ – yes, they’re all u-he synths!

I was honored to be asked by Matt to participate writing demos to promote these soundsets. Here are all of them in no particular order

I hope that you will be able to support the Humankind project and help Matt raise much needed funds for Oxfam, who do an absolutely fantastic job around the world, helping those who need it most. They do terrific work, not just providing aid in disaster zones, but organising programmes and education allowing developing communities to support themselves. They help develop infrastructure networks, train teachers and nurses, and assist those who find themselves persecuted and abused by the people they should be able to trust the most. They are a wonderful organisation.

(UPDATE: The Humankind soundsets are now no longer available.)


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Panos Kolias is a film, tv and concert music composer and musician.
He regularly produces cues and other commercial music for major television programs like CBS, ABC and others.
He's a part of the electronic duo DubLion Project and works also as a musician, educator, orchestrator, and technical consultant.
Besides composing for TV and film and composing concert music, he holds a lecturer position at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg, teaching Music Technology and Film scoring courses.

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